September 2016

Calyx Rose by English Starfish. Entwined so deeply in our culture Wild briar blooms and gardeners’ prize. Badge of medieval houses, Symbol of love’s deep desires. Bride’s bouquet, confetti petals, English rose, you bloom so fair. Strewing colour through our gardens Scent diffusing in the air. As the barons

Hibiscus Flower by Raphael Ogunrinde. Hibiscus Flower insights: Biologically know as Hibiscus sabdariffa. Known to be cultivated around the world in mostly tropical and subtropical regions like Jamaica, Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, India, Mexico, Thailand. Being referred to as Sorrel, Agua de Flor de

By English Starfish for Calyx. Myriad hues of sun-filled exotica Reaching their golden antennae, like hands Spreading their fragrance and glowing vivaciously Dancing in equatorial lands Their spirit of happiness, Brightening the islands Dotting the sun-blessed landscapes with joy Taste their essence in bottles of healthiness Bringing the tropics