Essence of a Flower

Written by Raphael Ogunrinde. Did you know that over 80% of countries in the world have a national flower?
Here in England we symbolize with Rose. Love a rose flower and its symbolic meaning of love and beauty. Romance is the most associated word with flowers and we love a bit of romance. Ok, we will talk more on Rose flower another day.

Calyx has started off with the Hibiscus flower which symbolizes delicate beauty. The national symbol of Haiti and Malaysia is Hibiscus. It is also traditionally worn by woman in Hawaii. There are hundreds of varieties of Hibiscus species all over the world with varying sizes.  It is associated with young, colorful, beauty, romance and health. Most other countries consume it due to its historic health benefits. In the Caribbean, they traditionally consume it during Christmas. In turkey, almost all tea shops will serve you a red brewed cup of hibiscus tea.

Calyx has fused Hibiscus with fruits with no nasty bits. Made naturally to perfection with love.

It’s full of antioxidants found in the flower, vitamins in the fruits and will serve as your daily one out of five a day. If you love the gym, grab a bottle on your way. Healthy living and well being is the catch.
There is a lot more to flowers than just giving that wrapped up bunch. Watch the space….as we are all about flowers….
Essence of flowers in a drink is our passion…