Thinking Calyx…. inspired by traditional festive Jamaican hibiscus drink

Written by Raphael Ogunrinde.  The initial idea started about 5 years ago as a thought of making drinks from hibiscus flower following the company owner’s African roots. After about a year, the products started being developed and 2 years ago the idea evolved into a brand making healthy drinks from flowers. This was then pitched to the management in the NOWFOOD centre at Chester University. Here the first commercial product range of Calyx Hibiscus flower was developed.
The Hibiscus flower serves as a symbol, cultural identity and national beverage of many countries around the world (Haiti, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Nigeria, Hawaii and Jamaica).

In the Victorian times, giving hibiscus meant that the giver was acknowledging the receiver’s delicate beauty. Also in China, Hibiscus symbolizes the fleeting and beauty of flame personal glory and it is given to both men and women. In Jamaica, it is a traditionally made drink and a must have during Christmas as Sorrel cocktail mix.